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Lotion Packaging Boxes Wholesale

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    Lotion Packaging Boxes Wholesale

    In all the seasons of year, you need to take care of your skin so hard; so that your skin looks supremely superb. These days body lotions have been a necessity; you really need lotion to moisturize your skin each day. To prevent your skin from dryness and allergic infections, it’s really important to use lotions in everyday skin care routine. Our custom designed Lotion Packaging Boxes Wholesale are very unique and energetic in look.

    Because of high demand of lotions, many cosmetic brands offer number of lotions with different formulas such as some have lavender or alo vera effect, some helps to remove extra dryness, some helps in sun burn and have ultraviolet formula and many others.

    There are a number of lotions in the market manufactured by many cosmetic skin care brands. Thus, it’s really difficult to find a good branded lotion. What makes a lotion more demandable? It’s all about packaging. A good packaging gives you sensation of preference. A buyer will always prefer a product with attractive, eye-catching customized packaging.

    Pioneer Brands are always focusing on the Luxury Packaging Boxes because it depicts the reality of product in flabbergasting manner.

    Our Customized Lotion Boxes Packaging indicating Brand promotion

    Emans Packaging render thousands of customizations for your packaging boxes. You can have your choice of color, shape and layouts in packaging. We present a range of themes for customized boxes. You can have following types of boxes designs

    • For medicated lotions, we prefer simple color customized boxes with light color themes. Light colors give a sensation of decent, perfect look.
    • For body lotions its preferable to have high contrasting packaging that gives a colorful touch to your eyes. High quality contrasting hues adds a prominent look on the market shelves.
    • For sweet-smelling and scented lotions, its preferable to have a floral distinguished packaging with art themed background.
    • For organic lotion boxes, it’s better to customize the packaging boxes with sober hues and having all the ingredients and features printed on the lotion packaging.

    Compelling and stylish- innovative imprinted boxes

    Custom lotion boxes are designed in stylish outlook. At Emans Packaging, we prefer high quality, innovative designed packaging imprinted with breathtaking background. We have high quality custom printing that enhances product’s market ranking.

    Every box, we design at Emans Packaging gives the full, sturdy support while in transport and shipment time. We offer product-friendly packaging; means we customize packaging that is suitable according to product. Like we offer cardboard rigid packaging as well as light weight packaging. We do prefer cardstock packaging as well.

    When it comes about packaging material, we only prefer guaranteed material with premium quality. For packaging coating, we have a number of options such as UV coating, gloss coating, matte coating and many more. We also customize packaging in aqueous coating and foiling either it’s gold or silver.

    We also customize boxes with number of printing options; like printing your company’s logo, name, contact, features or specification. For eye-catching view, we present gorgeous font styles and effects such as 3D effects, embossing, deposing and foiling inside the printing words.


    • Also, the exciting fun fact of working with Emans packaging is you don’t need any minimum number of orders, that’ll restrict you.
    • You don’t have to worry about custom quality; we offer 100% quality satisfaction and error-free packaging.
    • Also, we customize as same as you will ask for because we do care for our customer. You chose, we design!
    • For our customers we offer handsome loyalty strategy that is more beneficial than other packaging companies.

    Free shipment-instant delivery

    At Emans Packaging, you’ll get the exciting shipment offer that is you will get shipment at your doorstep with no deliver fees.

    Yes! We don’t demand for any custom or shipment fee for USA and Canada.

    We have reasonable charges that is all enough to grab your attention towards our packaging industry.

    Emanspackaging offers fast delivery in 7-8 working days. For further queries contact at or +1-888-552-5506.


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