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Luxury Rigid Box with Lid



    Luxury Rigid Box with Lid

    We present gifts to our dear ones to make them happy on their special occasions. Gifts are a source of happiness, excitement, and a glance of friendship; you want to tell someone how special they are, present them a gift. A catchy gorgeous gift box is all enough to enhance your relationship as good packaging offers a special sensation. Luxury Rigid Box with Lid are available in many deisgns and shapes.

    Rigid gift boxes can make your events exceptional as it comes in different layouts with gorgeous colorful themes. To have an astounding packaging box for your gift, you are warmly welcome at Emans Packaging. We offer a wide range of gift packaging in different styles either its shoulder boxes, lid boxes, or two-piece lock corner gift boxes. Emans Packaging are producing these boxes with environmentally friendly recycled cardboard and water-based inks. We offer high-quality logo printing options for a branded look for your event.

    Types of Luxury Gift Rigid Box with Lid

    Basically, we have two types of rigid lid gift boxes with lids. These types are as follow:

    • Rigid Gift Boxes with Attached Lid:

      These type of gift boxes are one-piece box; which means lid is attaching to the box. These boxes are type of magnetic lid boxes or folding gift boxes. Folding gift boxes with attached lid is all about reusable packaging. Folding gift boxes are the best option for daily use products. These boxes are used for many purposes I.e., for a casual gift or for presenting food items as gifts. The only bad side of these boxes is that they need more time consumption in folding. These luxury boxes consist of two parts but both parts are attached together; the first is a lid and the other is a base.

    • The advantage of these boxes is they are reusable as they are foldable which makes them easier to store or safe when not in use. The lid has a folded edge and fits directly over the base. Magnetic Gift boxes are rigid boxes that have flip flat tops. Magnets are assembling in the lid and front of the box that helps to close the boxes easily. They are available in different colors, with either Gloss or Embossed Matte finish, or Natural Kraft. These are the most demanding boxes for gift purposes and are used by many retailers for perfume branding. These boxes are highly demanded by skincare brands as they need a kit box for the display of their products. These high-quality boxes are strong, sturdy, and easy to use.
    • Rigid Two-Piece Gift Boxes

      : These boxes are very rare and mostly used for a showcase of the products that need a luxury touch. These boxes have two pieces; one is lid and other is base, but these pieces are not attached together like one-piece gift box. These boxes have two categories, shoulder rigid boxes or leatherette boxes. Rigid shoulder boxes contain a lid and base with a high edge that acts as a shoulder as it assembles the lid and base. The shoulder may be exposed or not. These boxes offer a very luxurious and astounding look. Different brands use these boxes to enhance the repute of their products. Leatherette rigid gift boxes also offer a very luxurious approach. These boxes are form up of lid and base both having leather material. We  are highly recommending these types of boxes for expensive gift.

    Customized Rigid Gift Boxes with Lid:

    We at Emans packaging offer you a wide range of packaging layouts to choose from but if you want to order a customized style gift packaging, then you are knocking at the right door. We are here to offer you the best and high-quality customization for your packaging gift boxes. You can get any shape, any style, and any color with high-quality printing. Also, we offer customized finishing and coating options. These boxes are available in many colors, the size of these boxes ranges from small to extra-large. and can serve many purposes for gifts, food and gourmet products, home decor gifts, and retail displays

     Why Emans Packaging?

    Emans Packaging is a well-known packaging industry with a professional and expert team. You can order any number of packaging boxes. Yes! We don’t demand minimum orders; the choice is all yours. Also, we provide the best quality packaging manufactured with unique material and the latest technology at a very reasonable price.

    Above all, we offer free shipping in the USA and Canada at your doorstep in just 7-8 working days. Feel free to contact us any time at or +1-888-552-5506.



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