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Bath Set Packaging Boxes Wholesale


    Custom Bath Set Boxes Wholesale

    Some daily necessities play a vital role in your life that you cannot have a best day without doing them. One of them is taking bath on daily basis. Some items are very important to be available at the time of your baths. These items are definitely the toilet using things that are very essential to keep every time. They must be available to you because in case of shortage your routine can be disturbed badly. Emanspackaging is best in designing the Bath Set Packaging Boxes Wholesale.

    What could be better than having a relaxed bath with aromatic bath articles after a long tiring day? For keeping toilet articles, you need to place them orderly at a single point without disorderly shattering away them. Bath sets have become a very trendy item these days and are used by many people. Bath sets deserve a very unique custom bath set boxes so that it shows a regular discipline in your routine.

    For premium custom bath set boxes we allow to have demanding layouts. There are so many different options you can do this.

    Structure and manufacturing of Customized Bath set Boxes

    A fragile yet attractive product like bath sets require intensive care to be handled and packaged. One advantage of using custom bath set boxes is that your products inside remain organized and safe. Creating a brand image is obviously a difficult goal to achieve but indeed with the unique and attractive packaging it can be made possible. Top Brands always focus on Luxury Packaging. Emans Packaging offers its customers a wide range of layouts, shapes and designs.

    We at Emans packaging ensures you to protect your product from damage as well as make your product more astounding and unique by using high quality material. The material used for the manufacturing of the bath set boxes will obviously leave an immense effect on the customers as we deliver the packaging according to customer’s perception.

    The material that is used by Emans Packaging for the production of the custom bath set boxes are as follows:

    • Cardboard: One of the most common material that is  packagingcardboard. The thick layers of papers in cardboard make the boxes more durable as well as flexible making it hard to damage the product.
    • Rigid cardboard: It is a solid rigid material mostly used to ship the products that are fragile such as bath soaps and bath articles. This material is the safest choice.
    • Eco-friendly Kraft material: This material is the most eco-friendly product among all as it can be easily recycled and are also biodegradable.
    • Corrugated: Corrugated material is made up of one or two linerboards. They are considered as an excellent choice for shipment of delicate products as well.

    Customized the Bath Set Packaging Boxes Wholesale

    At Emans Packaging we offer you a very wide range of material coating options; printing and finishing facilities to choose from according to your requirement. Each of the coating material has its own uniqueness which brings the splendid touch to the overall packaging of your product.

    The texture of material is sometimes glossy and smooth which gives an extra ordinary beauty to the printed box. These boxes offer customers an option to get a final touch on their boxes which can include coats such as glossy, matte or UV. We also offer foiling option either its gold or silver, except that you can customize coating from matte to aqueous or shiny.

    We also provide add-ons such as ribbon, die-cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, embossing and debossing. These all add-ons have additional categories as complementary for packaging boxes from which our customers can select according to their choice.

     Printing of Custom Bath Boxes

    Once you have chosen the shape and the size of your box the next step is giving them a unique, breath-taking look; this is only possible by using high-class printing technology. There are many numbers of updated printing techniques that we use for the designing of the custom bath set boxes. Some commonly used printing techniques are

    Digital Printing: This printing method is just like a casual printer; the image is transferred into the printer using a software and a fine picture is printed, the digital printing technique updated printing method and commonly use. Its high in budget.

    Offset Printing: The offset printing method is ink based with three plates system; to draw image, attach the image and then printing the final image and getting the result.

    The font size and font style used in printing is all of your choice. we help to enhance the packaging look by using multi-color attracting printing; high resolution of hues is used to give your packaging a splendid look. We offer high quality printing with gorgeous coating.

    Custom Bath set Packaging Wholesale

    If you are still in search of a packaging company that promises high-quality packaging in cheap rate then you are knocking at the right door.  The price of the packaging boxes varies according to delivery time, material, printing technique, unit size and shipment location. Also, we offer free shipping in Canada and USA.

    To place your order contact now at  or +1-888-552-5506.






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