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Custom Eyeshadow Boxes Wholesale

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    Custom Eyeshadow Boxes Wholesale

    When it’s about a definite eye makeup, we cannot ignore eye shadows. Different eye shadows enhance and define your eyes in a unique style. Custom Eyeshadow Boxes Wholesale are available in unique custom layout designs. Top brands focus on the Luxury Eyeshadow Packaging such as Maybelline Cosmetic

    Eyeshadows are one of the most demanding makeup items in the beauty industry that ladies use to enhance their eyes’ perfection and beauty on any special occasion like a party or wedding. women always rush towards the products that make them look beautiful, stunning and confident.

    Too many options regarding eye shadow’s brand can make you confuse about opting the right choice. But the custom packaging is always there to help you to definitely select the quality product. Custom Eyeshadow Boxes Wholesale are available in unique custom layout designs.

    Emans packaging offers you striking Eyeshadow Customized Packaging

    Custom eye shadow boxes are a sophisticated way to demonstrate your product. There are number of international and local brands in the market but the main thing that differs between their ranking is customized packaging box.

    At Emans Packaging, you can have these boxes in various colors, design, layout and size. Eye shadow boxes usually have high-quality, rigid material which protects the product from any damage during shipping and storage. With our latest customizing technique, these boxes will make customers think that they are buying a quality and worthy product. It enhances customer perception of the product. Crucially, custom eye shadow boxes are eco-friendly. You should use custom boxes for eye shadow packaging to enhance your brand’s repute.

    Another best way to distinguish your products from other brands you can have boxes in cube, cylinder, rectangular and diamond shape. These shapes can be customized according to your demand; we can enhance the product’s repute just by adding multiple blocks in single packaging. However, we are able to create a variety of other shapes too. Just send us the dimensions of the packaging, and we’ll exactly deliver you the shape you want!

    Perfect Designing and Packaging

    For a perfect attention-grabbing packaging it’s our first preference to provide you the very best packaging with a preview of product inside from a little window type space.  You can go for a traditional square shaped window for complete view of the product packed inside or you can be creative with your design and choose cubic, circular or any other shape of your choice.

    Don’t worry about the shape of window; we have highly experienced team that have proficiency to cut the paper precisely in demanding shape. This way of perfectly cutting the window will enhance customers attraction towards the product on the shelf and will reduce the time and effort spent to buy the required eyeshadow.

    High quality printed Eye shadow boxes and its multiple features

    Emans Packaging provides you several plus points about your product’s packaging to release a charming and breathtaking eye shadow packaging. Some of them are as follow:

    • We equip rigid boxes, luxury cardboard boxes and high-quality premium eye shadows boxes; all of your choices.
    • You can get custom shadow boxes in high quality matte or shiny colors. We also present neon colors in high contrast with an eye-catching view.
    • You can customize boxes with high contrasting printing. You are free to print anything either it’s your brand’s name, logo, contact or features of product with high gloss printing ink that never fades.
    • These printed packaging boxes are all enough to give your product a compete luxury look and repute your brand among high worth brands. All just of packaging; because it’s the cover that attracts a person to buy the book.
    • At Emans packaging our experienced and skilled team is always there to assist you with marketing trends and customer’s demand. We have an experienced qualified team that ensures you 100% worthy packaging and complete premium look according to latest trend.
    • Above all, we provide free shipping at your door step with low reasonable rates either in USA or Canada. Even at wholesale, we deal within 7-9 working days that are far less than casual delivery time. And of course, we guarantee you safe and sound shipping.

    Feel free to contact us at +1-888-552-5506 or email at to place your order. Our team is always there to support you.


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