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Custom Cosmetic General Boxes

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    Custom Cosmetic General Boxes

    There is not any single person in this universe who isn’t obsessed with beauty. Beauty attracts all individuals. There are many numbers of cosmetic industries all around the world that are working on numerous cosmetic products to enhance the beauty of an individual. Emanspackaging is here to make the Custom Cosmetic General Boxes for your cosmetic products.

    Market is flooded with thousands of cosmetic brands that are in the competition to become the best one. How to determine the best brand? How someone will prefer the best cosmetic product in so many brands? The only way to enhance your brands advertisement is to have a good customized packaging. Yes! A good packaging attracts the buyer to keep his hands on the product.

    But still doubtful about getting the right packaging? You landed on the right page. Emans Packaging provides you the very astounding and beautiful custom cosmetic general boxes.

    Top world class brands always focus on the Luxury Packaging 

    Types of Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes at Emans Packaging

    Emans Packaging provides a lot of different customized packaging boxes for a number of cosmetic products such as custom foundation boxes, lipstick boxes, mascara boxes, lotion boxes, lip balm boxes, sanitizer boxes and, many more.

    Depending upon the nature of products there are number of layouts our team specially designed for customers. Cosmetic boxes can be off following types

    Rigid cosmetic boxes are specially designed for sensitive cosmetic products such as foundation boxes or cream boxes. These cardboards are too rigid that they can handle pressure and stock on their surfaces.

    Cardstock boxes are designed for products that aren’t much sensitive such as lotion boxes, mascara or eyeliner boxes

    You can customize cardboard boxes for any cosmetic product either its sensitive or not.

           Unique and eye-catching customization

    Emans packaging offers you numerous designs for cosmetic box; you can either choose from those templates or you can design your own customized general box. We always here to treat you with some best unique ideas. You can customize cosmetic boxes in any shape either its round, square, cube or cylindrical. We also offer pyramid packaging for cosmetic products.

    There are a number of layouts or templates of cosmetic boxes; you can choose from. We design best and market trending customization. You can design in any template that is suitable for your cosmetic product.

    Also, Emans Packaging give you thousands of customizing offers about colors and contrasting. We provide you high quality contrasting hues that allows your product to look outshine on the shelf. We have high quality, eye-catching hues contrasting for you.

    Our packaging material is outclassing and extraordinary in quality and look. We don’t compromise on quality.

    High gloss printing and coating

    At Emans Packaging you are always welcome for high quality glossed coating. Besides coating we optimize high resolution in printing. We have high quality coating either its UV coating, gloss coating or matte coating. Also, we have aqueous coating and gold or silver foiling.

    We customize high quality printing for your packaging boxes. You can customize your brand’s name, logo, contact and specific required features or applications as such as required. We also offer writing effects such as embossing, deposing, 3D effects or gold foiling and many more according to your choice.

    We offer high quality customized printing that is 100% eco-friendly and recycled packaging. Our packaging ensures brand promotion that is all enough to make your brand one of the ranking brands. We guarantee you a full customer satisfaction because we are all here to please you with our continuous effort.

    The best fact about Emans Packaging is, we offer free shipping at your doorstep un 7-8 working days. Isn’t this too fast? We are taking orders 24/7. We ship free in Canada and USA with extra fast delivery. Contact at or +1-888-552-5506.



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