Packaging Boxes for Online Stores

Emans Packaging delivers the economic friendly Packaging Boxes for Online Stores

Packaging Boxes for Online Stores

Ecommerce packaging is that the first impression customers get of your products. the planet of packaging is deceptively complex, especially as an eCommerce shop, when considering the various packaging options, you’ll feel overwhelmed with the choice. Don’t worry, that’s normal. Emans Packaging delivers the economic friendly Packaging Boxes for Online Stores

For internet buyers, eCommerce packaging is usually the one point of physical contact a customer will have together with your brand. It provides a chance to form an enduring impression, stand out from your competitors and make an incredible customer experience.

Covid-19 has increased the ratio of online shopping

Given the problems that Covid-19 posed in 2020, the confidence in online shopping has grown and continues to grow exponentially this year. This has forced many businesses to believe their e-commerce platforms to usher in revenue and keep their brand afloat.

While 2020 has been a hugely difficult time for brick and mortar retailers, e-commerce has become the grace for several of those businesses. 2021 will still see a shift to e-commerce and that we could also be watching a replacement norm of online shopping because the year passes.

But, what does this mean for brand differentiation? Block and plaster stores offered the whip hand for brands as customers were ready to interact with their packaging and merchandise first hand. With online shopping, it’s harder to brand differentiate as customers are only ready to interact with images of your products. This is why it’s important to think about your e-commerce packaging and therefore the impact it’s going to make on your customers from their mailrooms to their unboxing experience!

Importance of E-commerce Packaging

Have you ever received a minuscule item during a comically oversized box? Or had a package arrived on the doorstep that had been bruised, battered, and clearly seen better days? While we will tease these experiences, they are doing disrupt the unboxing experience of the latest products and should create negative emotions and feelings towards your brand.

What’s more, we’ve become so familiar with items arriving in plain cardboard boxes that a lot of online sellers overlook the chance that e-commerce packaging presents them. Successful, well-thought-out e-commerce packaging can significantly boost your bottom line.

For starters, the utilization of protective and durable packing materials can minimize both the quantity and price of returns, also as build trust, and foster customer loyalty. On top of this, you’ll increase your brand health tenfold by using branded e-commerce packaging to make a singular unboxing experience for your customers. In essence, your e-commerce packaging must fulfill basic functions (such as product protection, cost-effective shipment, and safe delivery) but there also are a variety of additional benefits which will be leveraged once your skills.

Brands Packaging Boxes for Online Stores

Many brands are now taking this chance to showcase their creativity and brand identity by fully customizing their shipping boxes to face out from their competition. E-commerce packaging is as big as ever but conceptualizing your product’s packaging is often nerve-wracking, especially if you lack design experience or don’t know what your options are.

On one of the most used social networks; Instagram, #unboxing has been used 2.2 million times. So it’s clear that opening packages are an experience often favored by many consumers and, for businesses, it provides an excellent opportunity to create brand awareness.

What Are the Issues Online Sellers Face in Ecommerce Packaging?

The right e-commerce packaging solutions must solve multiple issues. They include:

  • Lowering the return rates by preventing shipping damages
  • Reducing shipping costs by getting lighter and smaller
  • Increasing brand identification
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • To be less wasteful by using fewer materials or reusable packaging.

These issues are already faced by every eCommerce company. But what are you worrying about? We have amazing solutions to these issues with elements of effective packaging.

Element of effective packaging for online stores

As already stated that packaging is the foremost thing in online shopping hence Here are the most efficient ways for e-commerce retailers to handle their packaging needs.

1.      Use Environmentally-Friendly Packaging Material

Peanuts material, while useful, present an environmental problem when removing them. Consumers prefer environmentally safe alternatives.  to scale back the environmental footprint, companies like Amazon and Dell are turning to fast-growing materials like bamboo, wheat straw, and mushroom roots (Green) as a void filler.

Researchers report that using these materials, it’s eliminated 30 million pounds of packaging and reduced production costs by $21 million. “Green” packaging is sweet for each company’s image and therefore the environment.

2.      Use Tape That Serves Triple Duty

The tape should do quite hold the package together, it’s valuable advertising land. the addition of the company’s colors and logo performs the triple task such as sealing, strengthening, and branding. think about using branded strapping tape to exchange external strapping.

Use a Remarkable Packaging Branding That Stands Out

alongside branded tape mentioned above, imprint the box with the corporate colors, or add branded stickers. Either way, everyone should be ready to recognize the brand from a distance. Although the branded packaging should be more compact than in-store packaging, it should have an equivalent visual design. When the customer opens the box, there should be instant recognition.

3.      Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Whenever a customer opens a box, the instant should have an equivalent excitement as opening a special gift. Unboxing is a chance to create loyalty by exceeding expectations. Some ways to try to do this are:

  • Inserting colorful tissue
  • Adding a customized thanks note
  • Adding coupons, discounts offers
  • Add a gift or sample

Other ways to enhance the customer experience are to make sure the package fits a typical mailbox which it’s easy to open. the whole experience should make your customer feel special and need to shop for more and a part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

4.      Choose simple yet Graceful Packaging Styles

Now that you simply have the size finalized, you’ll start trying to find the perfect structure to accommodate your product. Consider what proportion protection you would like and therefore the weight of your product.  Heavier and bigger items generally require greater protection to face up to harsh shipping and handling conditions.

Some of the foremost popular and cost-effective e-commerce packaging options used for shipping are often found below:

  • Mailer Corrugated Boxes
  • Regular Slotted Corrugated Box
  • Slotted corrugated boxes
  • Tuck Top Corrugated Boxes
  • Cardboard Box
  • Folding Cartons

5.      Use Packaging that can Protect Your Product

The main function of your packaging is to guard your product from any outside forces which will damage it during the distribution process. That’s why it’s important to think about appropriate packaging counting on your product, especially for brick and mortar stores.

Folding carton offers versatility, with many various finishes available. However, it’s the smallest amount of protective packaging. Corrugated packaging offers maximum protection. However, it’s often used for heavier products that need that extra support. Rigid packaging offers an expensive experience. However, it is often quite fragile. You don’t have much control over how your product is handled during the distribution process so it’s important to plan and choose the simplest packaging that works for your product.

Emans Packaging Offers Sustainable Packaging Boxes for Online Sellers

The market is flooding with thousands of online sellers every day. To enter the tough and hard competition to compete in this race is having flawless packaging solution. If a customer has a memorable unboxing experience that gives flawless customer perception towards your brand. Thus, to enhance the sale of your brand it is damn necessary to increase the repute of your packaging experience. Fetch the latest design Packaging Boxes for Online Stores. We at Emans packaging offers flawless and astounding packaging boxes with sustainable material manufacturing. Contact us now to solve your packaging issues at

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