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Eco Friendly and Sustainable Packaging

What is Eco-friendly and Sustainable Packaging?

We prefer online shopping more than ever just because of the coronavirus epidemic. Doorsteps are decked with piles of packages as people all across the country find themselves buying, shipping, and side-hustling their way through the present crisis. During this increasingly mail-order world, it’s more important than ever to quest for eco-friendlier shipping and packaging methods. Luckily for the earth, there are many sustainable packaging materials available lately. Emans Packaging always provides the Eco Friendly and Sustainable Packaging.

Eco-friendly packaging may also be a kind of environmentally-friendly packaging because usually made up of recycled or renewable materials that’s safe for both individuals and the environment.

Packaging waste may be a massive global problem, and one which your business probably doesn’t want to contribute to! So, knowing the way to ‘keep it green’ in your packaging design is that the key to being a skilled ecommerce retailer. Sustainability may be a growing focus within discussions of Corporate Social Responsibility. So, sustainable packaging is one of the foremost actionable ways you’ll demonstrate your commitment.

Many companies work hard for perfect and appealing packaging solutions, while others are still using that everyday cardboard box. Either way, companies have now become even more conscious of how they pack their products.

Why choose sustainable packaging materials?

Being more sustainable can assist you to acquire more customers and boost loyalty while you’re at it. Multiple studies have shown that buyers are increasingly factoring in sustainability when choosing which brands to try to business with.

A survey by CGS of 1,000 U.S. result showed that nearly 70% of respondents considered sustainability as a minimum important while half (47%) said that might pay 25% more for sustainable products.

Additionally, research by  Nielsen found that 48% of consumers are willing to vary their consumption habits to lower their impact on the environment. Nielsen’s analysis found that sustainable product sales within the US have grown nearly 20% since 2014, and therefore sales would reach $150 billion by next year.

sustainable packaging materials are high in demand to manufacture products that are either recyclable, biodegradable, or both. This is often important because all the non-recyclable waste that comes out of the estimated billions of packages delivered annually can add up to quite a lot of trash. A recent report issued by Oceana stated that online shopping monster Amazon generated quite 465 million pounds of plastic packaging waste in 2019.

In fact, consistent with Forbes, Amazon alone ships 2.5 billion packages a year. That’s additionally to the three billion delivered by FedEx and therefore the 4.7 billion delivered by UPS. That’s tons of packages and shipping materials. Thus, to decrease the risk of environmental pollution; sustainable and bio-degradable packaging is a breath0takingf solution in the world.

Topmost factors to achieve a Sustainable Packaging

As the packaging industry is craving high-quality and eco-friendly packaging, the world has announced a green culture to ensure healthy wrapping. Specific factors for sustainable packaging designs include:

  • Focus on using Recycled content as available and functional. For food contact materials, there are special safety considerations, particularly to be used of recycled plastics and paper.
  • Energy efficiency, total energy content and usage, use of renewable energy, use of unpolluted energy.
  • Recyclability is the key feature in sustainable designing factors. Give importance to recovery value, use of materials that are frequently and simply recycled, reduction of materials that hinder recyclability of major components, etc.
  • focus on Reusable packaging like repeated reuse of package, reuse for other purposes, etc.
  • Use of renewable, biodegradable, and compostable materials when appropriate and don’t cause contamination of the recycling stream.
  • Avoid the utilization of materials toxic to humans or the environment. Focus to use occupational health, safety, clean technology, etc.
  • Each organization words the goals and targets a touch differently. Some healthy packaging Regulations are publish by each country or region. Try to ponder those rules.

Eco-friendly packaging materials

In this era, there is a lot of packaging material with high sustainability. Some topmost eco-friendly materials are as follow

Recycled cardboard and paper:

cardboard is one of the most trusted environmentally friendly materials. That’s because it’s an organic, sustainable, and reusable packaging solution.

Cardboard boxes are available in many shapes and sizes. Corrugated cardboard is that the go-to solution for packaging sustainability because they’re organic. Double and triple-walled cardboard boxes can hold a fantastic amount of weight. it is also highly immune to blunt and piercing forces. therefore, cardboard will keep your product secure throughout the shipping method.

A simple cardboard box is additionally over 80% biodegradable. And if the fabric that cardboard is formed from (paper pulp) isn’t already recycled, the raw materials wont to make cardboard (trees) is managed incredibly well. Recycled cardboard is a perfect packaging material that’s easy to use. It’s also important to believe recycled paper to assist you with all of your packing needs.

1.      Recycled plastics

You may keep your plastic bottles during a special place to stay these breakaway other things. It’s important to recycle plastics because this material is often utilize in numerous other ways. It’s possible to use this material for several of your packaging needs. One of the advantages of using recycled plastic is that it’s durable and may withstand tons of traveling an excellent deal.

2.      Biodegradable peanuts

Ensuring all of your items are properly insulated is vital, regardless if you’re packing fine china or things that will be heartier. Using biodegradable packing peanuts may be a great idea and may help the environment. These will make your packing easier and may allow you to stay eco-friendly.

3.      Inflatable air pillows

Adding inflatable air pillows to your packing supplies is often useful. These eco-friendly packaging materials are ideal to help in ensuring all of your belongings will have the proper level of protection and cushion. this is often typically a cheap method for keeping your packaging materials good for the environment.

4.      Mushroom packaging

Have you ever detected mushrooms for packaging?? This has become a trend that will people believe lately when moving things to a replacement location. This packaging is formed from mushrooms. It is often made up of non-toxic materials and is a perfect method for working to possess a far better environment.

5.      Corrugated bubble wrap

Protecting all the things you would like for moving is important. you’ll do that in an eco-friendly way by using corrugated bubble wrap. We use this packaging material repeatedly. Bubble wrap will make it very easy to stay your belongings well packed and prepared to form any trip.

6.      Cornstarch packaging

Using cornstarch to package many of your items might not be something you sometimes consider doing. However, this is often an organic material which will be one of the simplest eco-friendly items to use. This eco-friendly packaging material is often utilized in a spread of contexts and putting it to use for packing things is right. you’ll calculate cornstarch packaging to be an excellent eco-friendly option.

Benefits of Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging features a very positive impact on the general environment, your business, and your customers. In fact, green packaging can even help your business be within the green financially too! Here we mentioned some very important advantages of using sustainable

  • Eco-friendly packaging is straightforward to eliminate or reused. It’s highly biodegradable and recyclable.
  • The production of materials that make eco-friendly packaging is additionally easy on the environment, meaning fewer carbon emissions and tiny to no waste.
  • Sustainable packaging is all enough to Improve brand and consumer perception (potential for increased sales)
  • Opportunity for unique brand positioning in specific markets also Enhance customer satisfaction through easier disposal of packaging
  • Cost reductions through minimized material usage
  • Reduced costs through increased lifespan as well as Reducing your organization’s carbon footprint
  • As most of the materials used are natural, it’s healthier overall for people. the shortage of synthetic chemicals wont to make it means it’s much healthier for both people and therefore the environment.
  • Using sustainable packaging can boost your image within the market and among the purchasers. As more and more people worldwide become environmentally conscious, your company is often at the forefront by using green packaging for all of your products.
  • The manufacturing cost of green packaging is a smaller amount than regular packaging materials, thus saving your business money.
  • Compared to traditional packaging, eco-friendly packaging isn’t only more sustainable, but also typically sturdier and offers more protection for items.

This list is far less than the total benefits; thus try to use sustainable packaging in case to enhance the sales of your product. We at Emans Packaging have an expert team of professionals that help you to sort out all the issues regarding eco-friendly packaging issues. Contact us now to avail amazing packaging in affordable rates at