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Customized Rigid Gift Boxes for Special Ones

Customized Rigid Gift Boxes for Special Ones

Giving and receiving gifts may be a tradition that each society follows to some extent. Therefore, the demand for beautiful gifts remains high within the market. Previously, they wont to use wrapping papers, but with time, the trend has been changed. Now, we discover numerous styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and styles while checking out the simplest gift boxes within the market. These boxes assist you to develop your strong image within the eyes of your loved ones. We design the best Customized Rigid Gift Boxes for Special Ones.

For gift packaging boxes, cardboard is preferred. Many companies use this material for gift boxes. the rationale is that it’s one among the simplest for adding attraction and elegance to those boxes. Furthermore, for adding security and protection, these boxes play a big role. However, to form these boxes classy and attractive, we’d like something extra. Rigid gift boxes are something that may make your moments remarkable as they’re designed in varied styles and sizes. a present box should be easy for opening as complicated gift boxes aren’t welcome within the market.

Custom gift boxes are a simple thanks to adding that human element to your brand. They’ll help reinforce the human/business connection many e-commerce businesses struggle with.

Why rigid material is preferred for gift packaging?

Rigid Boxes refer to the wrapping of luxury products. Companies often demand Rigid material to close up the model they need delicately designed. These are either produced with grey board material or timber wood. the important aspect it caters is to introduce non-bendable, sturdy, and harsh fabricated packaging boxes for stylish coverage of luxurious needs.

They contain the top quality of printing and materials. they’re crafted out of rigid cardboard and Kraft materials that are exclusive in providing an entire package of product safety and protection from every kind of environment also as shipping or transportation issues. Despite their elegant demeanor, our custom rigid gift boxes can handle heavy weights thanks to their strong structure.

these rigid boxes supply elegance to the products packed inside. Not only that but also are great for impressing the purchasers in a more sophisticated way. Create a brand image by using different sizes and shapes for various products.

Features of Rigid Gift Packaging

Rigid boxes are highly consumable when it’s about luxury gift packaging. Some key advantages of rigid gift boxes are as follow:


The main reason for using these boxes as gift packaging is they are easily customizable. You can have them in any shape and size depending upon the nature of the product. Also, it comes in a variety of types for casual as well as luxury use.

Printing and coating options

Select for a minimal, single-color look or be as creative together with your artwork on the surface and inside your rigid box. Add enhancements like foil stamping or embossing to offer your packaging that subtle beauty. All rigid boxes accompany a typical matte or glossy finish.

Kraft Rigid Boxes

The eco-friendliest rigid box solution out there, Kraft rigid boxes are 100% biodegradable and compostable uncoated with finishes. Upgrade to biodegradable lamination for rigid boxes rather than using quality laminate.

Safe and Exceptional storage:

For the delicate products that require additional protection, they’re exclusively used for his or her storage for an extended period of time. As they’re manufactured out of sturdy and long-lasting packaging materials, they’re exceptional in protecting packaged items. The lamination with gloss and matte materials ensures that they’re fully capable to resist humidity and moisture and even toxicity which makes these authentic for storage purposes.

Secure Shipping

High-quality rigid gift boxes can bear every kind of environmental impact that any product can face within the cargo area. If you’re trying to find a long-lasting yet cost-effective storage packaging solution, these packages might be the right match for your storage needs.

Brand Awareness:

Hoarding rich quality of printing, graphics, and other marketing aspects, these packages are exclusively employed by the companies for building a singular identity within the industry. Studies and researches about the packaging role within the brand building for businesses reveal that each large and little rigid gift box can exceptionally market the respective brands and help them to face call at the market. within multiple industries and businesses, these packages are getting used to maximize brand recognition and achieving business sustainability.

Types of rigid Gift Packaging Boxes

As everyone wants uniqueness and elegance in gift boxes, we discover multiple sorts of gift packaging boxes within the market. you’ll have some concerns with a few specific designs, so you’re also allowed to vary the planning accordingly. you’ll choose different printing options to make a difference from others. However, there are some common sorts of custom gift boxes within the market that folks love and buy. Some of them are as follow:

Two-piece rigid Gift Boxes

These boxes are the foremost popular ones. this feature consists of a base box with a lid. The gift item or card is placed inside the box, and then, we cover it with a lid. These lids are easily removable. Moreover, you’ll remove them completely, which makes it the simplest for reusing. These gift boxes are rigid that not only enhance the sweetness but also durable. you’ll also change the depth of a lid consistent with your requirement. Customized Rigid Gift Boxes for Special Ones with lids are the simplest for sending gifts to your loved ones.

Shoulder Box

Many people use these boxes as a present cardboard box. the bottom and lid are connected with an indoor knock in this case. during this way, the box and lid remain connected throughout. In some cases, the shoulder is exposed. Sometimes a shoulder is not apparent.  It means you can’t learn where is that the shoulder until you’ll not open the box.

Rigid Magnetic boxes

It is a rigid box with a magnetic closing lid. A delicate luxury rigid box with a magnetic closing lid may be a must-have packaging solution for each business that deals with elite class customers. You can have a matte or glossy finish, your company logo embossed, or a hot stamp at the front, and the highest, make it more classic with the colors you choose.

Foldable Rigid Gift Boxes

Foldable gift boxes are getting more popular nowadays. they’re inexpensive, eco-friendly AS WELL AS POCKET-FRIENDLY. As an import company, one can save tons by switching to foldable magnetic boxes. It’s better to order flat boxes as assembled gift boxes are often very bulky to store. Flat boxes are to assemble in a matter of minutes and that they also are easy to store compared to assembled rigid boxes.

Collapsible rigid boxes are trending lately. These aren’t only easy to store, but also easy to assemble. Hence, they’re high in demand. Our expertise lies with two popular styles and both can accommodate all types of personalization and customization. Foldable rigid boxes are EASY to stock and assemble also. You don’t need much time to urge it ready for the purchasers.

Rigid Drawer boxes

Rigid drawer boxes are basically used for jewelry gifting.

The objects inside are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants. All boxes contain removable black velvet inserts for displaying the merchandise. Custom Rigid boxes provide versatility to your product to preserve the merchandise from light and other environmental elements alongside safety and protection to your glass bottles.

One of the foremost impactful designs of those rigid boxes is to possess the outer bands during a different CMYK print. The print design makes the storage boxes interesting, fresh and energetic which can catch the eye of the people that look out of their appearance.

Rigid Window Boxes

Many rigid packaging companies supply their customers with INCREDIBLE PACKAGING DESIGNS. Custom printed window rigid boxes work as a marketing tool also.

You can customize your design on color, logo material, and finish. You can use ribbons as an adjunct to your rigid packaging box. These ribbons are available altogether colors and tones. We are looking forward to offering you customized packaging solutions.

Printed Rigid Gift Boxes Are Sophisticated Marketing Tool

Custom rigid gift packaging leaves your customers feeling like they’re getting more value without changing the merchandise in the least. Plus, it goes an extended way in developing a person’s reference to your brand.

Increase the elegant perception of a brand

Rigid boxes are often related to luxurious and stylish brands. And, they assist showcase your care and a spotlight to detail due to their durability. Without changing the planning or functionality of your product, rigid boxes help improve your brand’s perception within the market.

You can deliver an ideal first impression to the purchasers of your business. When it involves business transactions, first impressions matter tons. Therefore, you ought to search for all the opportunities available for you to make a robust customer impression also. There are numerous ways to make such a superb customer impression. one among the foremost effective methods available for delivering such a superb customer impression would be to use custom rigid boxes. the primary impression you deliver to the purchasers of your business is going to be an ideal one. Therefore, you’ll never need to affect any confusion as you choose it.

Boost Visual Appearance of the Business Brand

If you would like to deliver that perfect first impression. You ought to be getting the foremost out of wholesale rigid boxes available for purchase out there. On top of that, you ought to believe in getting them customized also. This may be one of the simplest customer retention strategies available for your business to think about as of now. it’ll even be an innovative marketing idea, which can assist you to require your traditional marketing campaigns to a subsequent level also. Order the Customized Rigid Gift Boxes for Special Ones.

Improve buying experience

At the time of performing your digital marketing strategy, you’ll create an ideal impression. You’ll be ready to create an excellent customer experience with the support offered out of custom rigid boxes. You’ll even be ready to enhance the customer experience that you simply deliver. When your marketing campaign isn’t innovative enough, you’ll take a glance at this method of selling. you’ll appreciate all the amazing benefits that might come to you alongside it.

Luxury Rigid Gift Boxes Enhance the worth of your product

Do you want to deliver a worthy and luxurious gift in incredible packaging? Use a bespoke gift box to require your branding onto your packaging and make a gorgeous stage for your customer to get their hands on your product for the primary time. Use features like internal printing, foil, and UV printing to make packaging that echoes what your brand stands for – elegance, beauty, and opulence like no other.

When you actually need to form an impact on your customers, clients, loved ones, or future employers, choose a high-quality Luxury rigid packaging Collection. There are gorgeous gift boxes for each product and occasion, from presenting tiny little earrings to decorating wedding tables to sending bottles of fine wine to your best business associates, you’ll find the proper boxes right here.

This luxurious gift presentation box really stands call in our vast collection and therefore its size enables you to present an entire range of things within. These can include luxury coffee mugs, cups, candles, jewelry, and a good choice of gifts. This beautiful and robust gift box comes in a classic matt black. This gift box features a high recycled content and is fully recyclable then combines top quality with environmental awareness. These Customized Rigid Gift Boxes for Special Ones are available with a totally removable white foam insert.

Emans Packaging Provides Amazing Rigid Gift Boxes

We provide high-quality premium printing services, which make us different from other competitors within the market. we provide free shipping and have the fastest turnaround. Emans Packaging has been supporting various large and little scale companies in terms of packaging. we offer well-designed custom boxes that most closely fit the customer’s requirement. a good range of boxes is provided consistent with various sorts of products.

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