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Wholesale Tray and Sleeve Boxes


    Wholesale Tray and Sleeve Boxes

    What are tray sleeve boxes and why are they used? The very short answer to this question is tray sleeve boxes are four-sided boxes with one open side from where we push and pull the sleeve in and out. These boxes are really helpful in various businesses where we demand special protection for some luxury or expensive products. Fetch the Wholesale Tray and Sleeve Boxes.

    However, if you want your tray and sleeve boxes to be of superb quality, get them designed and printed by an exceptional printing company. Thus, to overcome your problem, Emans Packaging is always here to treat you well.

    Premium quality custom sleeve boxes at Emans Packaging

    Tray and sleeve boxes can be used as really gorgeous gift packaging boxes depending upon the product you want to pack in them. Whether it’s chocolate or any other mouth-watering item, a beautifully designed tray sleeve box is obvious to add charm to your product and make it an eye-catching product for your potential customers. These boxes have a bottom tube-like tray that offers a very wide place to fit in your product like food, watch, tech & other product industries. The top lid provides a secure lock closing for your products.

    Sleeve box packaging can be customized for personal use also. You can customize these boxes for a particular day or occasion either a wedding, birthday party, or any farewell. We at Emans Packaging offer some very unique styles of custom sleeve boxes that make them favorable for packaging various kinds of items.

    These boxes are in die-cutting rigid pieces of cardboard. The drawer-like effect gives them a very unique and astounding expression to customers. We use high-quality adhesives to adjoin them. Also, our skilled experts make it certain that there is no flaw during the processing of boxes. You can use these boxes to save your products. Our tray and sleeve boxes wholesales are very durable and premium.

    Some add-on creative designs for custom boxes

    Our creativity isn’t only about high quality but We also provide a die-cut window in these boxes on your requirement. this window will add more serenity and beauty to your boxes. Your product will be more prominent and your customers can have a glance at your product without opening the gift box. This helps when you’re using sleeve boxes to showcase your product on the shelves of your place.

    To excel in the promotional aspect of these boxes, we can custom print these tray sleeve boxes in different colors and textures. The printing may include your brands’ name, logo, contact details, and other features on an appealing background with contrasting hues. When you’ll display these boxes on the shelves; your customers will be more attracted to them. This will result in increased demand and more sales

    Excellent quality at a reasonable price

    High-quality printing and coating are other areas, where you might have to spend so much money on these gift boxes with sleeves. You may need to have a gloss or matte coating or aqueous coating but it becomes difficult when you have a tight budget. so, we are here to help you with your dedicated budget. We won’t charge you an extra penny for having high-quality coating material and other add-ons. They are free.

    we fully realize the importance of your business and hence, we always ensure that your order is delivered in a short time. We offer fast and safe delivery in 6-7 days. You can rely on us and we’ll never disappoint you.

    Logistic charges have become expensive these days. Especially, when you’re placing a large order. But you don’t have to pay any charges for the shipment. We offer free shipping in the USA and Canada. Thus, in short, you are welcome to buy premium quality boxes at a reasonable price with no limitation of minimum orders.

    So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and place your order now at or call at +1-888-552-5506.



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