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Custom Mug Packaging Boxes


    Custom Mug Packaging Boxes

    Mugs are the typical type of cups used for having tea, coffee, soup, and milk. There are different styles and designs of mugs. The mug is made of ceramic, stoneware, or bone china. They require safe handling. Hence, the first demand is to package them carefully. Get the query about Custom Mug Packaging Boxes.

    If you are about to buy new mugs for your personal use or as gifts, it is necessary to choose the right mug packaging box to ensure the safest packaging. The printed packaging boxes present the style and shape of mugs which helps customers to easily choose their favorite mugs.

    Custom Printed Mugs Boxes

    There are thousands of unique styles of mugs but their delicacy makes it difficult to handle them carefully. Corrugated cardboard mug packaging is enough to overcome this problem. An expertly manufactured custom mug box with a space for foam or bubble wrap can ensure full protection from bumps and jerks during shipping. Emans Packaging offers attractive custom mug boxes using the latest technology and pivotal expertise.

    Quality Mugs Boxes Wholesale

    We create design and craft boxes with high precision that ensures uttermost protection. We design high-quality custom packaging boxes printed with fine eye-catching colors that fulfill all your demands. Our color printing and extraordinary designs of mug boxes attract the attention of tea or coffee lovers to grab their favorite piece of a mug.

    Precise delicacy is required to manufacture smooth surface coffee mugs. Thus, mug boxes having well-sealed edges and packaging is enough to lock your gorgeous mugs inside them. To secure your product inside the box from external harm and jerks, a custom-made mug box is enough. Emans Packaging offers a fine quality and rigid cardboard material to manufacture your demanded design boxes.

    We at Emans Packaging also provide a sturdy and firm partition for keeping multiple mugs in a single packaging. As keeping multiple mugs in one packaging is difficult to handle, we provide rigid corrugated blocks to avoid the collisions of mugs and to avoid knocking them out together. Sealed edges work as a lock to protect your favorite mugs from any harm or breakage.

    You can have any shape according to the design of your mugs. We are here to craft demanded boxes either for mugs with a handle or without a handle; it all depends on the dimension of cups. The size of the box may vary because of designs and layouts as well. Also, you can order boxes in any shape either round, square, cube, or rectangle.

    Why Emans Packaging?

    You can find thousands of packaging industries in the market, thus, why Emans Packaging? What makes us different in the market?

    We have a range of varieties in corrugated mug boxes. Emans Packaging owns a professional and experienced team to fulfill your all demands in a distinguished way. Our extra-ordinary mug boxes are crafted in such a way that is enough to enhance the demand for your luxury coffee mugs.

    Our latest technical machinery and professional workers can craft outclass designs of mug boxes; that’s the uniqueness of Emans Packaging. Our packaging company is a fast and excellent packaging supplier in the USA and Canada. Another plus point is, there isn’t any restriction of minimum orders; you can order for a thousand boxes or one, the choice is all yours!

    Also, we provide free shipping in the USA and Canada within 7-8 working days; that is far less than the usual delivery time. So, pick up your phone and order now at or call at +1-888-552-5506.


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