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Types of Boxes for cosmetic industry

What are the types of Boxes for Cosmetic Industry?

As there are tons of companies selling cosmetics products, it’s vital to understand the fundamentals of cosmetic packaging. Therefore, the sorts of packaging industries are available within the market. so that you’ll choose the simplest scheme and become famous among your competitors. There are a couple of sorts of cosmetic packaging boxes materials accessible and ideal for all kinds of cosmetic products. The foremost common materials utilized are glass, plastics, cardboard material then forth. There are many  types of Boxes for cosmetic industry related to cosmetic products 

When we buy any sort of cosmetic product, we roll in the hay because the merchandise makes us feel good about ourselves. employing a nice shampoo or fancy perfume may be a pleasant experience for both women and men. So whether your customers are men, women, or both, using your products is often the rationale why their day got better.

Worth of Cosmetic Industry:

According to estimation, this is an industry worth over $500 billion, and among that, the skincare products are impending large. But that doesn’t give a thought that each one is successful. There are some smaller cosmetic industries too. Quite interestingly, only that companies make their place within the market which are giving their best appearance on the shelf.

Types of Boxes for Different Cosmetic Products

Your packaging is that the very first thing the sweetness die-hards you would like to show into customers are getting to see. If your packaging grabs their attention and speaks to what they’re trying to find, they’re likely to require your product home and provides it a try. If not? It’s likely to collect dust on the shelf.

The cosmetics product range is vast, surrounding an enormous list of beauty and skincare products and make-up items. Our cosmetics boxes are designed for different product categories such as:

  • Skin creams, body lotions, face creams, moisturizers, and foundations.
  • Eyeliners, eyelashes, and eye shadows
  • Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners, and lip balm
  • Serums, Face oils, and tints
  • Nail polishes and hair care products
  • Perfumes, body sprays, colognes, and more

We aim to style cosmetics folding cardboard boxes that cater to different end-consumers like home users, office-going women, professional make-up artists, salon owners.

Details to know before Cosmetic Packaging

Packaging plays an important role to increase the worth of your product as an entire. With all the packaging and box choices available in today’s market, it often becomes difficult to pick the foremost appropriate packaging solution for your product. The most recognizable beauty and cosmetics brands Urban Decay Too Faced Cosmetics use color as to how to create their brand.

You know your cosmetics are quality products. And you’re certain about the advantages they carry to anyone who uses them. But how does one communicate these benefits to your potential customers? How does one make your customers want your product immediately? That’s of course, through your cosmetics packaging. From your boxes to your labels, how they appear affects the decision-making process. If you own a beauty or cosmetics line, the potential for a few serious businesses is there. and therefore the best thanks to doing this is your packaging.

Cosmetic Products Packaging

Following is some perfect detail to know before you move towards your packaging of cosmetic products:

The first thing you’ll get to do when designing your packaging is about your elements of design. There are a couple of different elements you’ll get to consider:

  • Style

The first thing you’ll want to think about is that the mood and personality you would like to bring back your packaging. do you want a minimalist touch in your design? Knowing what style you would like to move towards will help lead the remainder of your design and make sure you make packaging decisions that are in line together with your overall design goals.

Locking in your style also will assist you to determine any additional design elements you would like to think about. the purpose is, once you know what style you’re going for, you recognize what design elements you’ll get to get that style to return across in your packaging.

  • Colors

When choosing colors, you would like to settle on colors that match your brand personality, grab customer’s attention and mainly stand out from the competition.

  • Fonts

Next up is fonts. Like with colors, you would like to settle on something unique, on-brand, and instantly recognizable to your customers while they’re scanning the shelves. you would like your fonts to be clear and straightforward to read—even when they’re on a small compact box.

1.      Give a custom look

cosmetic boxes are mainly used to uniquely showcase your cosmetic items. While the standard of your products should be a priority. it’s important to not forget that it’s your cosmetic packaging that becomes the face of your brand. And it must be alluring since that’s the need for permanent promotional activities. And for this, you’ll make use of fancy designs, tacky color schemes, and shapes for your Product Boxes. So, mold your simple secondary packaging custom jewelry boxes into a bit of art.

As for any industry, competition can get fierce, so you would like to seek out ways for your cosmetic boxes to face out fast. Quality packaging is equally important if you’re selling during a physical shop or online. Play with colors and weird designs. Add coatings and laminates to make a cosmetic box that uplifts your product. Whatever your creative idea is, we will print your box exactly as you’ve designed it.

2.      Choose high-quality and durable cardstock

When your design is prepared, a subsequent important step is selecting the paper to form your box. no matter your product, a cosmetic box should be sturdy. It should also feel nice to the touch. These two qualities contribute to the sensation of a high-end product.

We at Emans Packaging, source our paper from a paperboard supplier committed to sustainability. The wood our paper is formed from comes from 100% sustainably managed forests.

3.      Get the perfect box size

Another important detail is selecting the proper size for your cosmetics packaging boxes. If the box is just too small, the merchandise won’t fit right. If it’s too big, the merchandise will move inside the box and if it’s fragile it also can get damaged. So you’ll want to form sure you measure your box right. If your box size matches one among our templates, you’ll use the template free of charge.

To add extra safety to what’s inside the box, we will add inserts that prevent your product from moving. Whatever your product is, there’s a cosmetic box that fits!

4.      Use astounding coatings

You can achieve flawless results with numerous coatings, laminates, and other extras. Embossing and debossing add distinction and luxury touch to your box. slightly foil gives you an expensive look. Printing on metallic paper makes your box shine from every angle. Coatings and lamination are basically used to completely transform any box.

5.      Choose eco-friendly Material

Choosing eco-friendly solutions for your boxes means extra money in your pockets. How’s that? Well, customers care tons about eco-friendly products and packaging. All the paperboards and inks we use at Emans Packaging, are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Grab Perfect Cosmetic Boxes from Emans Packaging

Emans Packaging is one of the top leading packaging suppliers in the USA and Canada. Our expert team of professional and experienced graphic designer’s crafts astounding packaging boxes with flawless material and appealing designs. Place your hand on our high-quality and stylish cosmetic and many others sorts of packaging boxes. Contact us now at sales@emanspackaging.com for further i

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How Custom Kraft Boxes Provides the Best Packaging?

How Custom Kraft Boxes provides the best Packaging?

Nowadays a number of different packaging boxes that re widely used for retail or shipping purposes for personal or commercial use. But, Kraft boxes are one of the most popular types of packaging mainly use for retail or shipping purposes. Kraft boxes are made up of naturally recyclable products thus offers environmentally friendly packaging. Kraft boxes form with the latest packaging techniques in abundant modern styles and designs. They offer easy handling and packaging for various goods especially for food or jewelry products in a competent way. Brown Kraft Packaging Boxes Wholesale have always been the first choice of retailers because of their strength and forcing power.

High Quality Custom Kraft Boxes Wholesale

Kraft boxes offer a wide range of uses for a diverse range of industries. These boxes are a preferable choice in many businesses on a wholesale scale. These boxes offer various use hence they add convenience in our lives. No matter what type of firm or business you are running, you always needed high-quality packaging with fabulous finishing; thus Kraft boxes bring whole in one bumper packaging for you. if you are owning a large-scale business you must definitely know the worth of these boxes but if you’re in a startup then it’s time to go for the smartest packaging choice, yes, Kraft packaging boxes!

These boxes are made up of high-quality Kraft papers that are enough to provide a durable and firm look to your products. These boxes come in a variety of designs for packaging and storing uses. They have multiple uses for multiple purposes; these boxes have countless features with no doubt. these boxes are highly durable and provide great strength for shipping purposes; which means you can safely package your goods and can also store them for long-term use. These boxes are mainly used in brown color to offer a natural look with your premium product. These boxes are all enough to fulfill your all crucial requirements for personal or commercial use.

There is a number of reasons that can grab your attention to seal your product in Kraft boxes in a protective and astounding way. Some of them are as below:

1.   Kraft boxes are made of Biodegradable Natural Material

In this era full of environmental hazardous, people choose everything that is highly hygiene for them or for their products. Similarly, when it’s about packaging people always recommended high-quality packaging made up of eco-friendly packaging material. This can help you to play your role in the green culture of this era.

These environmentally friendly boxes are naturally manufactured from pine pulp and then process in non-bleachable away. These high-quality boxes are extra efficient and recyclable.

As the world is going towards fine and refinery objects; it is compulsory for you to choose non-pollutant material packaging, thus Kraft boxes are the suitable choice. Kraft paper is a highly recyclable material packaging. Kraft boxes are made up of exceptional wood thus are eco-friendly and it also reduces their manufacturing cost. So using Kraft boxes the very effective advantage is you are having the most affordable packaging boxes. Eco-friendly packaging in a pocket-friendly manner is a very impressive fact for customers.

2.   Kraft Boxes offer a huge variety of printing techniques

Brown Kraft Packaging Boxes Wholesale are enough to grab customer’s attention with their astounding printing variety. Usually, Kraft boxes come in paper packaging thus the printing content looks astonishing and fabulous on these boxes. You can have any color printing on these boxes with high-quality ink that gives high-quality results.

The usual printing boxes are black inked kraft boxes, full-color printing, or white-ink printing but you can go for any theme that is suitable according to your product. As kraft papers have a brown surfaced background, thus printing vivid colors offer an amazing outlook to these boxes and influence an amazing impression. Thus its textured stock absorbs the ink and makes it look incredibly outstanding. Because of the nature of kraft paper, colors will be 100% saturated and absorbed by the background that gives an embellished or royal look to the packaging. So, a very impressive characteristic of using kraft paper is its natural appearance. We at Emans Packaging offer outstanding high-quality printing packaging.

3.   Durability of Kraft Boxes

The main advantage of using kraft paper is its durable packaging with ultimate strong handling. Kraft boxes are highly recommended packaging type because it gives strength handling and storage to the material or product packed inside. The exceptionally strong nature of these boxes gives you another reliable reason to use these boxes for shipping and their retail purposes. These high-quality, strong, and durable stiffed boxes offer your product a very safe and sound packaging with a variety of coating and printing options. As these boxes are made up of pine pulp, it permits them to hold the product safely and offers very firm and sturdy protection.

Let suppose you want to package a heavyweight product with extra safety, thus you can add one or more layers of corrugated packaging. This way you can enhance the ability to carry mighty pressure in just a packaging.

4.   Uses of Brown Kraft Boxes

These Kraft boxes are mainly use to package several food articles; because for food purposes, you always need harmless and non-toxic packaging products that cannot decrease the hygiene level of your food items.

So, in this way we get another noticeable feature of these Brown Kraft Packaging Boxes Wholesale. These boxes are heat and moisture resistors; they can face environmental hazardous and temperature changes. Meanwhile, these boxes are using for candle jars, mugs, jewelry, and cosmetic boxes. Thus, these boxes are reliable for timely delivery as well as log term shipping and storing purposes.

Why Emans Packaging?

At Emans PACKAGING, we only use high-quality Kraft material that is extremely eco-friendly. The material used for processing those boxes is obviously 100% obtain from pine wood with precise techniques.

Our professional team at Emans Packaging is always offering you packaging solutions for your product regarding issues. We are offering you 24/7 support to engage our customers to have a reliable loyalty relation with us. We are here to offer cheap and economical boxes with free shipping all over the world particularly in the USA and Canada. You can have free shipping at your doorstep.

So, no wandering here and there for your suitable choice and contact us for your packaging boxes.

Contact us now at sales@emanspackaging.com   or   888-552-5506

WhatsApp: +631-601-0039

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Advantages of Custom Corrugated Boxes

Advantages of Custom Corrugated Boxes

Packaging boxes are somehow vital essential in our daily life. Wondering how? If you are buying products, you going to find soapboxes, jar packaging, pillow boxes, gift boxes, fragrances packaging, and many more on retail shelves; all of the described boxes are packaging boxes. There are different types of packaging boxes like cardboard packaging, cardstock packaging boxes, corrugated packaging, and rigid boxes. All of these types are used for different purposes in different industries to hold different products. There are number of Advantages of Custom Corrugated Boxes .One of the very main types is “Corrugated Packaging Boxes”. The Corrugated Box market in the US to grow at a CAGR of 2.89% over the period 2014-2019

Corrugated Boxes are much stronger than single sheeted cardboard because these boxes are made up of three layers with two main components: the two lining layers called liner and a medium. The liner is the flat material that is layered on the outside surfaces of a medium, which is fluted. These liners are sturdy and firmly attached to the fluted medium. these three-layered sheets are glued together to form a corrugated panel that is used in shipping and transporting. Many people confuse corrugated packaging with cardboard but both are different things; cardboard is made up of a single layer and corrugated board is made up of three layers. It means corrugated packaging is far more durable than cardboard.

Usage of Printed Corrugated Packaging

  • Corrugated is a strong yet lightweight packaging material thus widely used for shipping purposes. These boxes are highly strong and sturdy so remain intact even if heavy products are packed inside. Corrugated boxes do not deform during transport and can attain heavy material and high pressure. These boxes ship bulky and fragile products that need extra protection. The three layers of corrugated board offer extra strength for durability and safety.
  • Corrugated boxes are widely used to pack products for daily use such as soap, fragrances, gifts, and much more. Large appliances and electronics products are also wrapped in corrugated boxes for safety purposes when they are delivered or place on the retail shelf.
  • Corrugated boxes can be reused as they are made up of biodegradable material. Thus, they are used to keep jewelry, plants, and so on.
  • Corrugated boxes are of different types and sizes and are used in different ways. In malls and supermarkets, these boxes are used to hold things properly and safely. Even Your favorite skincare brands wrap your favorite products in these luxury or formal boxes.

What are the benefits of corrugated packaging boxes?

There are several benefits you have heard about corrugated packaging. These boxes are used for formal or non-formal, temporary or permanent use. These boxes have many advantages on a commercial or personal scale. Some are given below:

  • Lightweight yet Durable

For marketing and branding purposes, it is crucial to wrap your products in lightweight boxes that are easy to use and carry. or a customer to carry. Heavyweight packaging boxes always confuses the customer that they are buying a worthless product with rough packaging that is difficult to carry. Thus, weight packaging lessens the worth of the brand. Lightweight corrugated boxes are crucial for the brand repute as it makes you comfortable while shipping your worthy products with no efforts; thus corrugated packaging is the worthy solution for products handling in a luxury as well as safe way. also, there is too much shipping cost for weighty parcel and in this way, the price of the product is doubled than real.

Most valuable products are wrapped in corrugated boxes because they are used to ship bulky items. After all, Corrugated material is specially designed to handle weighted loads and provide massive strength to handle them properly.

  • Environmentally-friendly

An environmental friendly packaging has become gradually important, especially when we talk about green culture. Corrugated boxes are made up of recycled material; that can be reused several times. Corrugated packaging is therefore cruel-free and away from environmental hazards.

  • Corrugated Boxes are Pocket-Friendly

Custom Corrugated boxes are quite reasonable than cardboard or another kind of packaging boxes. It easy to manufacture corrugated packaging at a low cost with high-quality production. Thus, retailers opt to choose this type of packaging because it offers many solutions in one packaging. You just need to manufacture these boxes at a relatively low cost than kraft or cardstock material.

  • Highly Customizable Packaging

There are limitless customization options for Corrugated boxes. These packaging boxes come in different shapes and sizes and can also be customized according to the product size.

Numerous printing and coating options can enhance the uniqueness and quality of your product. Not only printing and coating but you can also have various manufacturing material and production options to make your product look extra efficient. An extremely valuable packaging box offers incredible colors for printing that offers an eye-catching effect. The latest and high-quality tools are used to produces these flexible and adorable packaging boxes.

Luxury Corrugated Boxes Wholesale

Are you getting stressed to choose a perfect manufacturing company or your product packaging? Do you want to have incredible designs of corrugated packaging? So, you are on the right page. Emans Packaging provides numerous packaging options for your custom corrugated boxes with classy and updated effects. You can get astounding corrugated boxes with free shipping in Canada and USA.

Lets discuss at sales@emanspackaging.com   or   888-552-5506

WhatsApp: +631-601-0039


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Why the Luxury Rigid Packaging Boxes are of High Importance in Product Marketing?

Why the Luxury Rigid Packaging Boxes are of High Importance in Product Marketing?

Luxury Rigid Boxes are the primary source of marketing and in short, they depict the quality of product. We design Rigid Boxes with special care and uniqueness. Astonishing Features are the integral part of Rigid Boxes. Customers want the perfect packaging of product because packaging always allure the intentions of people. Emanspackaging with very firsthand experience in designing Luxury Rigid Boxes can be your perfect and trustworthy partner. This Luxury Rigid Packaging Boxes are of High Importance in Product Marketing blog is well written with all attributes related to product marketing.

We guide our client with different layout designs and patterns according to the product requirement. Because we create the true picture of your product. Our professional team is available 24/7 online to help you in packaging shape, shade and layout designs. Richness, uniqueness and opulence is the part of our Handmade  Luxury Rigid Boxes.

For example, there is a product belongs to you which you want to sale in the market. There are two dimensions in it which are as;

Firstly, you handle the precious product in a common packaging box.

Secondly, you insert the product in Luxury Rigid Box. (Obviously your customer will like this presentation)

Above all, with second manner your product will automatically market in people and it helps your business to get crazy revenue. Luxury Rigid Boxes Market to Reach US$ 5.4 Bn by 2030, Future Market Insights

Custom Luxury Rigid Boxes Wholesale

We deal in the Complete range of Luxury Rigid Boxes. Luxury Rigid Packaging Boxes are of High Importance in Product Marketing and our professional graphics team has thousands of templates and color scheme shades catalogue for you. First of all shapes of Rigid Boxes are listed below:

Rigid set up Boxes

Slider Rigid Boxes

Magnetic Closures Boxes

Satin Lined Rigid Boxes

Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes

Book Style Rigid Boxes

Two Piece Rigid Setup Boxes

Collapsible or Foldable Rigid Boxes

Sleeve Rigid Boxes

Drawer Piece Setup Boxes with Ribbon Knob


How are Luxury Rigid Boxes Designed?

  1. Luxury Rigid Boxes are made up with the combination of machines and hand work depends on the requirement of customer
  2. Rigid Boxes are made up with plain cardboard layer which is colored mostly
  3. Pattern designs are formed primarily by cutting and scoring dies and gives the perfect require shape to cardboard.
  4. Folding section sides are blended with soft touch to make it easy opening. Boxes sides are folded up at the basic score area to astonish the proper shape to box. Then with Quad stayer machine tape is applied to secure the sides in perfect layout.
  5. Then in the next step, wrap is stocked to Box which is designed according to your mentioned points and with your company Logo.
  6. Tight Wrap Sticking Procedure is the last step which makes the box luxurious, aesthetic and pleasing in look.

Foldable Attractive Rigid boxes

Foldable attractive boxes are turning out to be more mainstream these days. They are cheap, contrasted with an inflexible box with an attractive conclusion top. As an import organization, one can save a ton by changing to foldable attractive boxes.

Our mastery lies with two well known styles and both can oblige a wide range of personalization and customization.

Foldable inflexible boxes are a lot simpler to stock and simple to collect also. You needn’t bother with much an ideal opportunity to prepare it for the clients.

Don’t hesitate to inform us as to whether you need an expert proposal with respect to a paper bundling arrangement.

Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale

Custom bundling plans are additionally the part of . Our client inclines toward the basic and unadulterated topic for their restorative bundling arrangements, so they pick distinct white plans for drawers. An unadulterated white reflexive UV consummately coordinates their characteristic and harmless to the ecosystem items.

Perhaps the most effective plans of these unbending boxes is to have the external groups in an alternate CMYK print. The print configuration makes the capacity boxes fascinating, new and vigorous which will grab the eye of the individuals who deal with their appearance.

Custom Luxury Rigid boxes give adaptability to your item to safeguard the item from light and other natural components alongside security and assurance to your glass bottles.

Custom Rigid Chocolate Boxes

Who in the universe doesn’t cherish chocolate?

Utilize custom unbending chocolate boxes to make your item noticeable on the racks of any store. These exceptionally printed inflexible chocolate boxes give class and elegance. Additionally, you can add appeal and importance to your item. Your remarkable item looks considerably more awesome in these rich boxes.

The planning of these Luxury Rigid boxes relies upon you. How far you are eager to take your item? What amount of this item intends to you? Close by with this bundling arrangement, you can make brand mindfulness and urge more clients to purchase your item.

Emans packaging loves to serve clients

Emans Packaging has been gladly serving its clients for me than 10 years. We are filling in as a dependable bundling arrangement supplier to numerous unbending bundling organizations.

Our group of master and gifted visual originators is consistently here to help you out with your inventive plans. In the event that you as of now have a plan for your custom inflexible bundling, we can make them surprisingly better for you. Our specialists can make your plans spring up.

When you affirm your plan, your bundling will be placed into the creation. Inside the space of days you will have your bundling at your doorstep.

Great bundling is fundamental for your item. It furnishes pride and enchant alongside delicacy to your item. Contact our business specialists today for your citation and they will give moderate bundling cost to you.

Anything is possible for unbending boxes as they fill a few needs. Their adaptability is their most grounded suit. Just your creative mind can set a cap for these extravagance boxes. Interestingly, you can get custom unbending boxes as indicated by your necessities and inclinations.

Rigid boxes for business

A few organizations need to give out endowments to their clients. In any case, they request to have bundling that intrigues their customers as well as fills a need. They search for maintainable arrangements that are difficult to toss out just as fail to remember.

Get seen and dazzle your customers with our adaptable unbending boxes. Make your image extra noticeable by customizing your logo on each box.

Get less expensive rates on customization

Individuals have an overall misguided judgment that inflexible boxes providers charge a ton of cash for customization. Nonetheless, that is false; as opposed to mainstream misinterpretation, they are really reasonable. Emans Packaging offers supportable, moderate just as adaptable answers for all brands.

It is your method of standing apart of the group and accomplishing something genuinely exceptional for your client that will captivate them to return to your outlet. On the off chance that you are searching for a reasonable arrangement, request a discount amount. Requesting in such a way will help you profit further value cuts. This will guarantee that you have a consistent stock of blessing boxes accessible for giving out.

Custom Luxury Rigid boxes for event

There is an expanding pattern of modified present boxes for weddings, birthday events, parties, get together, reunions, commitment, commemorations, and any remaining sorts of events. On the off chance that you are preparing of time, you can arrange inflexible mass blessing boxes ahead of time from Emanspackaging and make your occasion exceptional with its novel customization of part with boxes.

Various Employments of Luxury Rigid  boxes

There are incalculable employments of Rigid boxes. Alter and use according to your inclination. Like we referenced before, anything is possible for these boxes. You can utilize them as inflexible attire blessing boxes, unbending adornments blessing boxes, unbending shirt boxes, inflexible extravagance bundling boxes, inflexible wedding blessing boxes, or whatever else.

The dark inflexible box is the most mainstream with our clients. Be that as it may, you can likewise get white, earthy colored, and some other shading you like. Size and shape will base on your decision and inclination. Along these lines, you can get inflexible boxes of any sort that suit your necessities.

What amount does customization cost?

This is the most well-known inquiry in clients’ brains that keeps them from customization. All things considered, finding a response to this inquiry has never been easier. You can top off a fast online frame and pick the alternatives as per your inclination. When done, you will be a single tick away from discovering the amount it will cost you. Carry class to your image by utilizing unbending boxes with tops from Emans Packaging!

To customize your Rigid Boxes, please start live chat with our available expert or call 888-552-5506 or email us at sales@emanspackaging.com

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