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Wine is an exotic drink which is consumed by many people all over the world. Wine is a dainty or elixir for many people, especially in cold weather. With its highest demand in the international market, wine

Wine Box Packaging

At Emanspackaging we are manufacturer of Wine Box Packaging and drinks with extensive experience in this field.  We are best in creating designs and providing packaging services. Our professional team will analyze your wine product bottle and provide the best wine packaging design.

We present the packaging for 1 to 12 wine bottles in a beautiful presentation and customized luxury packaging. We provide the best packaging solution for wine bottles which ultimately save it from breakage or cracks during transportation.

Our versatile range of premium luxury wine boxes will furnish your wine product.

Which type you would prefer?

There are plenty of wine boxes styles that give fascinating shape to wine products. Customization of these wine boxes makes your product more appealing.

Hence, Our best packaging solution provides many features in addition which is unbearable to resist. Therefore, for more understanding read the full blog and finalize your packaging design for wine boxes.


Wine Boxes Types

We offer a wide range of wine boxes with eco-friendly tags which are listed below as:

Magnetic Lid Wine boxes

Luxury Wine Boxes

Rigid Wine Boxes

Wine Boxes with Valve

Rigid Slipcase Wine Boxes

Custom Window Wine Boxes

Wine Shipping Boxes



Wine Boxes with Valve

These wine boxes are more trending these days and common in use. This is more appealing, stylish, and fascinating in look and quality as well. The insertion of the valve in the wine bottle is its main aspect. Wine will be poured in a glass when someone pushes the valve and this is the best way to present wine before guests at parties or in gatherings. For this stopcock, in the lower part of wine boxes packaging, a die-cut is made that prevents the unwrap of the bottle.

Magnetic Lid Wine Boxes:

Magnetic lid boxes are very trendy and luxurious today due to their overwhelming demand in the market. This is rigid in texture and in high quality with tik-tok magnetic sound. This magnetic lid wine box prevents the product from slipping as well from the crack during transportation.

Rigid slipcase Wine Boxes:

It is known by all that wine is dainty for its users. They are conscious of their purchasing and use. Branding is all about packaging. This is the best option for giving gifts to someone. A number of companies offer these wine boxes for the packaging of wine products and in the marketing campaigns. This is highly convenient in packaging and unpacking of wine products. It is rigid and this helps to maintain product dignity.

Custom Wine Boxes with Window:

There is a window pane on the wine boxes that help the customer to get aware of the product packed inside the box. It helps the shopkeeper and mart to display the product to the customer. About the size of window boxes, there is a choice to select the size. One side and two side window cut options are available for wine boxes.

Shipping Wine Boxes

These boxes are in high demand for manufacturers when it comes to shipping of such fragile bottles. The extra corrugated layer is given to such boxes for making it rigid. This way such boxes provide more durability and sturdiness to the product during shipping. A customized option is available for such shipping wine boxes.

Luxury Wine Boxes:

Lavish, Exotic, Romantic, and sumptuous are the synonyms for Luxury wines. These boxes are premium and of the highest quality in all aspects. It is mostly used in five star restaurants and in gatherings. This is flabbergasted in look and bewilder the person who sees it. So, This is a magic box. Custom creation is available and our professional team will guide you.


In a nut shell, You can Customize the Rigid Wine Box packaging according to your preferences that is the best thing about them. Whether you want window cut-outs to show potential customers what the boxes contain or are looking for cardboard inserts for gift packaging that contains apparel and accessories, you get it all here at Emans Packaging.

Start from choosing the size, color, and coating followed by stock options and prints as well as additional processes that add more aesthetic elements to your packaging. Keep in mind that there is no minimum or maximum limit to the number of boxes that you can order. If you’re not sure what we have in store for you, get started with a single box and see why we’re a leading manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of Rigid Wine Boxes around the world.

Therefore, To know more about rigid setup boxes start a live chat or call us today for a free consultation & to Place An Order for Custom Rigid Boxes!

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