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Custom Satin Lined Gift Boxes



    Custom Satin Lined Gift Boxes

    People use the Satin-lined boxes  as gift boxes; it gives your product a luxurious look. Satin lined box is a magnetic packaging box lined with satin; a weave of fabric that has a glossy upper surface and a dull back that resembles silk fabric. This type of packaging box enhances the look and charm of your product as it manifests to the customers. Order Custom Satin Lined Gift Boxes for your products at wholesale rates.

    There are a lot of types and benefits of these boxes. All you need to have a good packaging company. We at Emans Packaging offer the best material and comfortable customer services.

    High-quality material with fascinating packaging

    These high-end satin-lined gift boxes are made of 100% recyclable materials, easy to open, and with fine packaging. Emans Packaging offers its customers a wide range of layouts, shapes, and designs. We provide maximum features; as described below;

    • The material that is used by Emans Packaging for the production of the custom satin-lined boxes is Cardboard, Rigid cardboard, Eco-friendly Kraft material, Corrugated. It’s all up to you to choose the best material that your product demands.
    • We at Emans packaging ensure you protect your product from damage as well as make your product more astounding and unique by using high-quality material. The material used for the manufacturing of the custom-lined boxes will leave an immense effect on the customers as we deliver the packaging according to customer’s perceptions.
    • At Emans Packaging, we offer you a very wide range of material coating options; printing, and finishing facilities to choose from according to your requirement. Each of the coating materials has its uniqueness which brings a splendid touch to the overall packaging of your product.

    Texture of Satin Lined Rigid Boxes

    • The texture of the material is sometimes glossy and smooth which gives an extraordinary beauty to the printed box. These boxes offer customers an option to get a final touch on their boxes which can include coats such as glossy, matte, aqueous coating, and spot UV. We also offer a foiling option either gold or silver, except that you can customize coating from matte to aqueous or shiny.
    • We also provide add-ons such as ribbon, die-cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, embossing, and debossing. These all add-ons have additional categories as complementary for packaging boxes from which our customers can select according to their choice.
    • When it’s about printing custom boxes especially satin-lined boxes, we always prefer attractive and sharp graphics; to offer a luxury touch. We provide you the choice of having printed packaging boxes of outstanding quality. You can also have your brand’s name, logo, contact info, and other specific features of the product printed on the packaging with high gloss ink.
    • there are many numbers of updated printing techniques that we use for the designing of the custom boxes. Some commonly used printing techniques are Digital Printing and Offset Printing.
    • The font size and font style used in printing are all of your choices. We help to enhance the packaging look by using multi-color attracting printing; high resolution of hues  give your packaging a splendid look. We offer high-quality printing with a gorgeous coating.

    Custom satin-lined boxes Wholesale

    Besides all the benefits, the main advantage of Emans Packaging is that you will get free shipping in the USA and Canada at your doorstep. Another good thing is there is no minimum limit for your order. At Emans Packaging, we offer you a large verity of options to customize your Satin Lined Boxes. Customized Satin Lined Boxes are great to create a brand image and make a long-lasting impression on your clients. The way your box looks says a lot about the product inside. Browse through our wide range of paper styling and coating options to design your box according to your brand requirements

    If you are still in search of a packaging company that promises high-quality custom lined packaging Wholesale at a cheap rate then you are knocking at the right door. The price of the packaging boxes varies according to delivery time, material, printing technique, unit size, and shipment location.

    To place your order contact now at or +1-888-552-5506.



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